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    Blain Cargile

    We are actively monitoring the status of Hurricane Florence. While there is still much uncertainty regarding the forecast track and intensity estimates, it is becoming increasingly likely that we will see a major hurricane making landfall somewhere on the east coast later this week.

    The St Regis staff is actively preparing the site for the potential worse case scenario. The staff will be working to secure all aspects of the site, and will be moving patio furniture inside for all units to which we have access. Please note that all ocean facing windows and doors are equipped with hurricane rated glass. We do not board up any doors or windows because doing so would cause damage to the fiberglass framing. All elevators will be shut down ahead of the storm, so please plan accordingly. While our staff will be singularly focused on readying the site ahead of the storm this week, they will also be evacuating the island well ahead of the storm for their own safety.

    We ask that all homeowners continue to monitor the storm and make appropriate preparations. You may contact me or Shanda in the HOA office with any questions, comments, or concerns. We will do our best to answer all questions and to accommodate any special requests, if possible. Shanda can be reached at stregissecretary@gmail.com or 910-328-0739. My information is included below.
    Finally, we also ask that all homeowners please use extreme caution if you are in an area that could be impacted by this powerful storm. If you are on Topsail Island, please do not wait until the last minute to evacuate. Be aware that the high rise bridge will be closed when sustained winds reach 45 mph, which is well below hurricane strength and likely to occur long before landfall.
    Regarding our scheduled on-site meeting for Saturday, September 15, 2018, the Board of Directors will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday night to make a decision regarding the meeting and cookout.

    We will provide additional communications as needed. I would also encourage everyone to use our Facebook page and the message board on our website for informal communications and sharing information between homeowners. In times like these, it is important that we all look out for one another as business partners and good neighbors.
    Stay safe!

    Blain Cargile

    Gov. Roy Cooper is urging residents to visit ReadyNC.org and download the ReadyNC app ahead of predicted impacts from Hurricane Florence. http://www.ReadyNC.org

    Blain Cargile

    Hurricane Florence Update #2

    The latest NHC update indicates very little change from previous forecast. Preparations should be well underway now for a major storm event impacting North Topsail Beach.

    From NTB:

    Mayor Dan Tuman of North Topsail Beach, based on current weather outlooks and advice of town staff, declared a state of emergency for the Town of North Topsail Beach.

    Town officials encourage residents to make preparations as soon as possible. Tropical force winds are expected Wednesday. As such, the Town will begin mandatory evacuation procedures tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th, at 8:00 AM.

    Also, please note that due to the emerging town needs and movement of personnel, town hall may not be able to provide hurricane reentry passes after noon on Tuesday the 11th.

    On behalf of the elected officials, we ask that you heed the warnings of emergency and weather services. Please, take care of your property by securing any items that could become dangerous projectiles. If you plan to stay, please note that emergency services will likely not be available to assist you. Roads could be washed out. It will become unsafe to cross the bridges off the island. Plan accordingly. If you decide to stay and later change your mind, conditions may not allow for your exit.


    Laura Oxley
    Public Information Officer

    Also note that the St Regis staff is working diligently in preparing the site for potential impact. The office going to be closed tomorrow (Tuesday) through Thursday, but staff will be working on site all day tomorrow. We will be monitoring emails and phone messages, and will try to respond to your messages as soon as reasonably possible.

    For anyone currently at St Regis, we strongly advise that you vacate no later than 3:00 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11, 2018. We will be shutting down the elevators and water to the units at that time. It is not advisable for anyone to remain at St Regis during this potentially life threatening event.

    We will continue to provide updates as events warrant.

    Blain Cargile

    Blain Cargile

    Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

    The 11 PM and 5 am NHC updates continue to be ominous. There is still much uncertainty with the ultimate path; however, we are now likely facing a scenario of being impacted, with just a question of to what degree. A worse case scenario direct hit on NTB as a Cat 4, which would be catastrophic, remains a real possibility. Please remain vigilant in preparations and heed all warnings to ensure personal safety.

    North Topsail Beach is under a mandatory evacuation order starting at 8:00 this morning. All St Regis amenities are closed today including pools, fitness center, Family Fun Zone, as well as the HOA office. Staff will be on site all day making final preparations. We plan to have all personnel off the property and the island by 5:00 PM. At that point, we believe we will have done everything we can do to prepare. The majority of furniture has been removed from balconies and the remainder will be completed this morning. We will be doing our best to respond to all phone messages and emails. The staff has made every effort to accommodate any and all special requests related to storm preparation.

    As we wrap things up today, the safety of all homeowners and our staff is our utmost priority. Again, we strongly advise everyone to heed the warnings and find a safe place to weather the storm. As a reminder, the high rise bridge will close when sustained winds reach 45 mph and will not re-open until conditions improve and it is determined that people may re-enter the island.

    When it is safe for our staff to return, we intend to enter all units to assess conditions if we think there is the potential for widespread damage. Of course, we will only be able to do so if we have access to your unit.

    Blain Cargile

    Blain Cargile

    Hurricane Florence update #4

    St Regis staff is wrapping up preparations and will be leaving the site very soon. Around 4:00 PM today, the staff will be shutting off power and water to St Regis before evacuating per the mandatory order. We consulted with JOEMC today, who stated that they would make a decision later, based on conditions whether or not to cut the main power supply to the north end of the island. The recommendation was that we shut off power to St Regis prior to to the staff leaving today for safety purposes. With the unknown conditions that lie ahead and not knowing when anyone will be allowed back on the island, it lessens the risk of additional or compounded damage by shutting off the electrical and water supplies to the site. The decision to cut our own power ahead of JOEMC doing so or an outage from the storm reduces the risk of fire or blowing transformers. Shutting off the water reduces the risk of additional water damage due to uncontrolled leaks.

    The staff has been in touch with the few remaining people on site who are in the process of vacating. Again, everyone use good judgement and be safe!

    More to come later this evening…


    Blain Cargile

    Hurricane Florence Update #5

    We are continuing to monitor Hurricane Florence closely as it approaches as a Category 4 storm with North Topsail Beach in the center of the National Hurricane Center forecast track cone. At this point, it appears that the coast should start feeling effects late Wednesday with conditions worsening steadily from there. There is still far from a consensus on the path and/ or intensity. Please continue to monitor the official sources for the most up to date guidance.

    St Regis is now prepared as best we can be, and with no one left on site, the staff has been evacuated per the mandatory evacuation order. The site is secure with all furniture removed from balconies, all outside furniture removed or secured, any loose items tied down on high ground and critical items moved from office to a higher location.

    I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the staff for their incredible efforts in preparing for this pending event. I can’t say enough how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated and skilled staff.

    We have set up a temporary webcam system to view the beach, ocean, and parts of the resort from inside Oceans Edge Restaurant. Thanks to Rodney Vest, Greg Garner, and Mark Witmer for pulling this together so quickly. Email me if you would like access to the cams and I will send you an email with an invitation to “tune in to arlo”; then follow the instructions to create an account and view. The four cameras provided very nice views this afternoon before dark and will hopefully do the same over the next few days.

    The Board of Directors met tonight and the decision was officially made to cancel the HOA meeting and cookout this weekend. We look forward to our annual meeting weekend Oct 12th and 13th. The BOD will meet again on Monday, September 17th to discuss the status of St Regis after the storm.

    Please feel free to contact me as needed and I will continue to provide updates based on available information.

    Once again, I urge everyone to use caution and stay safe!


    Blain Cargile

    Hurricane Florence Update #6

    The forecasts are somewhat improving for NTB, based on the last several NHC advisories; however, there is still much uncertainty. Please remember that the projections can change on a dime and we are still expecting significant impact. While the forecast track has shifted, we are still dealing with a major hurricane, so please remain vigilant and be prepared for all potential scenarios. We are now getting to the point where every wobble could be important, as a few miles in the track could be significant. One definite positive is that the intensity forecasts are consistent in that landfall as a Cat 4 storm is unlikely at this point. Those who have relocated should still pay close attention as the projected path is changing and additional areas may now be in the path for potential storm impact and/ or post storm inland flooding. As always, consult official sources for the latest forecasts and guidance.

    Topsail Island is now officially under a Hurricane Warning. At this point, everyone should be off the island based on the mandatory evacuation orders. A State of Emergency remains in effect, as well as a curfew starting tonight at 7 PM.

    From NTB:
    The Town of North Topsail Beach is closed until further notice. Essential staff are working in the background to prepare for Hurricane Florence. If you are a resident who is in need of assistance, please call the County Citizens’ Phone Bank 910-989-5027.

    The Town of North Topsail Beach has mandated a 7:00 PM curfew for the general public. During this curfew, no travel within Town limits is allowed. It is imperative that everyone adhere to this rule for their own safety. NTB Police will be enforcing this curfew. This Declaration gives the authority to law enforcement to enforce by means up to arrest.

    At this point, it is still too soon to speculate about re-entry, but be assured that we will have staff in place ready to get to St Regis as soon as allowed and able. We are also in touch with other officials that may be able to provide early information and pictures.

    The temporary webcams installed at the Oceans Edge windows have been a big hit today and we have over 150 homeowners and friends connected. Not sure how much we will be able to see once it starts raining, but hopefully they will give us some peaks at what’s going on. One note for those of you that have access: we granted full access to everyone so that you can use all of the included features. Please, unless you see something spectacular, do not record video as that uses significant battery life. Feel free to take photos.

    For now, we continue to watch and hope the latest trend continues and we are spared the catastrophic outcome that we feared. Please feel free to contact me as needed.


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