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Blain Cargile

Hurricane Florence Update #6

The forecasts are somewhat improving for NTB, based on the last several NHC advisories; however, there is still much uncertainty. Please remember that the projections can change on a dime and we are still expecting significant impact. While the forecast track has shifted, we are still dealing with a major hurricane, so please remain vigilant and be prepared for all potential scenarios. We are now getting to the point where every wobble could be important, as a few miles in the track could be significant. One definite positive is that the intensity forecasts are consistent in that landfall as a Cat 4 storm is unlikely at this point. Those who have relocated should still pay close attention as the projected path is changing and additional areas may now be in the path for potential storm impact and/ or post storm inland flooding. As always, consult official sources for the latest forecasts and guidance.

Topsail Island is now officially under a Hurricane Warning. At this point, everyone should be off the island based on the mandatory evacuation orders. A State of Emergency remains in effect, as well as a curfew starting tonight at 7 PM.

From NTB:
The Town of North Topsail Beach is closed until further notice. Essential staff are working in the background to prepare for Hurricane Florence. If you are a resident who is in need of assistance, please call the County Citizens’ Phone Bank 910-989-5027.

The Town of North Topsail Beach has mandated a 7:00 PM curfew for the general public. During this curfew, no travel within Town limits is allowed. It is imperative that everyone adhere to this rule for their own safety. NTB Police will be enforcing this curfew. This Declaration gives the authority to law enforcement to enforce by means up to arrest.

At this point, it is still too soon to speculate about re-entry, but be assured that we will have staff in place ready to get to St Regis as soon as allowed and able. We are also in touch with other officials that may be able to provide early information and pictures.

The temporary webcams installed at the Oceans Edge windows have been a big hit today and we have over 150 homeowners and friends connected. Not sure how much we will be able to see once it starts raining, but hopefully they will give us some peaks at what’s going on. One note for those of you that have access: we granted full access to everyone so that you can use all of the included features. Please, unless you see something spectacular, do not record video as that uses significant battery life. Feel free to take photos.

For now, we continue to watch and hope the latest trend continues and we are spared the catastrophic outcome that we feared. Please feel free to contact me as needed.