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Blain Cargile

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

The 11 PM and 5 am NHC updates continue to be ominous. There is still much uncertainty with the ultimate path; however, we are now likely facing a scenario of being impacted, with just a question of to what degree. A worse case scenario direct hit on NTB as a Cat 4, which would be catastrophic, remains a real possibility. Please remain vigilant in preparations and heed all warnings to ensure personal safety.

North Topsail Beach is under a mandatory evacuation order starting at 8:00 this morning. All St Regis amenities are closed today including pools, fitness center, Family Fun Zone, as well as the HOA office. Staff will be on site all day making final preparations. We plan to have all personnel off the property and the island by 5:00 PM. At that point, we believe we will have done everything we can do to prepare. The majority of furniture has been removed from balconies and the remainder will be completed this morning. We will be doing our best to respond to all phone messages and emails. The staff has made every effort to accommodate any and all special requests related to storm preparation.

As we wrap things up today, the safety of all homeowners and our staff is our utmost priority. Again, we strongly advise everyone to heed the warnings and find a safe place to weather the storm. As a reminder, the high rise bridge will close when sustained winds reach 45 mph and will not re-open until conditions improve and it is determined that people may re-enter the island.

When it is safe for our staff to return, we intend to enter all units to assess conditions if we think there is the potential for widespread damage. Of course, we will only be able to do so if we have access to your unit.

Blain Cargile