Make Our Place Home

Located right on the coasts, the St. Regis community offers a tranquil atmosphere without compromising exciting neighborhood events and happenings.

Enjoy the Local Atmosphere

North Carolina’s coast has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment, restaurant choices, and leisurely ways to spend an afternoon right there in our backyard.

Save the Date

Whether you’re a resident or visiting, you’re invited to enjoy all of our community events, including movie nights, barbecues, poolside fun, and more.

Welcome to St.Regis:

Where homes meet vacation destinations

Located on the scenic shores of Topsail Beach in North Carolina, St. Regis’ accommodations were designed with dream homes and vacations in mind. Our residents are treated to family-friendly surroundings with easy access to neighboring coastal towns such as Sneads Ferry, Jacksonville, Wilmington, and New Bern. Here, your community experts can fill you in on our events, fantastic local restaurants both on and off property, and more about the neighborhood’s many features and perks. So all you have to worry about is how to make the most of all that our coastal region has to offer.

Our Amenities

Beaches, restaurants, and local appeal.

We offer residents and guests the very best with our serene outdoor pool and beach scenes, Fitness Center, community events, and more.

Our Services

Linen service, pool and beach-side accommodations.

From beach chairs to umbrellas, St. Regis works with you to make your living experience with us idyllic and relaxing no matter the time of year.

Keep in touch with your community

As an owner of our community, you have access to the calendar, key personnel, property management information, and more through the Owner Login Area.